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Anatase Titanium DioxideBA01-01

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Anatase Titanium DioxideBA01-01

Product Name: Anatase Titanium DioxideBA01-01

Molecular Formula:  TiO2

Molecular Weight: 79.90

Substance status: white powder

Product Description:
Anatase Titanium Dioxide pigment produced by the sulphate process with advanced technology, having excellent pigment properties such as high purity, fine particle size and narrow size-distribution, high whiteness, excellent dispersity, low oil absorption and strong hiding power.

Titanium Dioxide is widely used in industries includes indoor & outdoor coatings latex paints, industrial coatings, powder coatings, road sign paint, anti-corrosive paint, antifouling paint, marine paint. The products can also be used in plastics (PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane etc).


ItemsStandardTesting results
TiO2 Contents≥9798
Discoloration force100103
Oil absorption≤2624
Material evapored at 105°C≤0.50.5
Residue left on 0.045mm(325mesh)screen ≤0.10.03
Water soluble content≤0.60.575
Average particle size≤0.3um0.29

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