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  • Storage Guidelines for Citric Acid and Citrates

    柠檬酸(盐)产品存储指南 Storage Guidelines for Citric Acid & Citrates 一、产品保持密闭并贮存在阴凉、干燥、通风、无污染的环境下,不应露天存放。不得与 有毒、有害、易腐蚀、易污染等物质混存。最佳贮存温度 30℃以下、相对湿度 50%以下保存。 避免储存温度高于 40℃或湿度 70%以上,以防结块或受潮,不推荐长期堆放。 Citric Acid and Citrates shall be kept in tightly closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated and pollution-

  • Congratulations to my country Lunar probe finishes gathering subsurface samples

    The lander-ascender combination of China's Chang'e 5 robotic lunar probe has finished gathering subsurface samples and packed them in vacuum container and is continuing collecting surface substances, according to the China National Space Administration.The administration said in a statement on Wedne

  • 2020 Shandong Export Commodities (Nigeria)Online Exhibition was held successful.

    In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national "six stability" important instructions and the provincial party committee's "six guarantees and three promotion" work plan requirements, actively respond to the impact of the current epidemic on overseas exhibitions, and guide enterprises t

  • Food Additives Potassium Citrate

    Product Description1.Chemical name: Food Grade Acidity regulator potassium citrate 2.M. F. : K3C6H5O7.H2O3.M. W. : 324.414.Potassium Citrate Physical properties: White or slightly crystalline grains or powder; Odourless, cool and salty; Slightly deliquescent; Easily soluble in water or glycerine bu

  • China approves emergency usage of coronavirus vaccines: Official

    China has authorised emergency usage of Covid-19 vaccines developed by some select domestic companies, a Chinese health official has said.An emergency use authorisation, which is based on Chinese vaccine management law, allows unapproved vaccine candidates to be used among people who are at high ris

  • 2020 Shandong Export Commodities (Nigeria) Cloud Exhibition

    2020 Shandong Export Commodities (Nigeria) Cloud Exhibition

  • Boron Phosphate 13308-51-5

    Usage:Boron phosphate is used in chemical industry as catalyst in some reaction such as dehydration, isomerization, amination and pyrolysis.Package:25 kgs plastic bag .Specification:This is to certify that we have inspected the quality of the above-mentioned goods made in China and found the result

  • Anatase Titanium DioxideBA01-01

    Anatase Titanium DioxideBA01-01 Product Description: Anatase Titanium Dioxide pigment produced by the sulphate process with advanced technology, having excellent pigment properties such as high purity, fine particle size and narrow size-distribution, high whiteness, excellent dispersity, low oil absorption and strong hiding power. Application: Titanium Dioxide is widely used in industries includes indoor & outdoor coatings latex paints, industrial coatings, powder coatings, road sign paint, anti-corrosive paint, antifouling paint, marine paint. The products can also be used in plastics (PVC, PE, polystyrene and polyurethane etc).

  • Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade/Industrial Grade

    Molecular Formula: Na2SO3CAS No: 7681-57-4HS Code: 28321000Main Uses:1) Industrial Grade: Dyeing mordant, dechlorinating agent for washed fabric, medical deoxidizer and sulfonating agent, bone black for bamboo, wood and paper fiber, non-ferrous mineral separation agent, waste water disposing agent,

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