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Boron Phosphate 13308-51-5

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Boron Phosphate 13308-51-5

Usage:Boron phosphate is used in chemical industry as catalyst in some reaction such as dehydration, isomerization, amination and pyrolysis.
Package:25 kgs plastic bag .
This is to certify that we have inspected the quality of the above-mentioned goods made in China and found the result of inspection as follows:

ItemTest StandardTest Result
AppearanceWhite PowderWhite Powder
B2O3, %31-3432.92
BPO4, %≥94100
P2O5, %62-6665.23
Bulk Density, g/L600-12001105
PH, 1g/100ml water solution3-74.97
Water, %≤20.49

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