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Phosphate application for Sea Food

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Phosphate application for Sea Food

Water is the natural element of fish and seafood. In order to keep them fresh and tasty for a long period after being caught,  Compound Phosphate are used as stabilisers. These products ensure that seafood and other salt or freshwater specialties remain tender and succulent all the way to the dining table, whilst preserving their natural nutrients throughout.

Compound Phosphate series products are widely used in seafood processing, phosphate as an excellent performance of water retention agent, ph regulator and antifreeze agent for seafood, especially frozen seafood processing process, its effective is:

A. Effectively improve the water holding capacity of seafood, so that gravy is richer, effectively maintain nutrients and moisture;

B. Inhibit the oxidation of fat, effectively prolong the shelf period of seafood;

C. Reduce the loss of droplet after thawing and reduce the loss of boiling weight;

D. Maintain the natural color and flavor of seafood;

E. Synergies with sugars to effectively prevent the freezing degeneration of surimi proteins. In the processing of frozen shrimp, fish, shellfish seafood, the product is usually immersed in 3~10% compound phosphate solution for treatment (temperature less than 10 ℃), soaking fluid concentration and soaking time according to shrimp, fish, shellfish seafood type, size and fishing time to determine.

The following factors should be taken into account in the rational selection of composite phosphate for immersion:

a) can effectively improve the water holding capacity of seafood;

b) Good solubility in ice water;

c) can dissolve rapidly in ice water; D) Good stability in ice water.

The ph value of the compound phosphate used is generally higher than 9. The compound phosphate added in general frozen surimi is mainly sodium pyrophosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate and six sodium phosphate, and the amount added is 0.1-0.3% of Surimi.

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