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ROR OF SAPP-Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

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ROR OF SAPP-Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Sodium pyrophosphate is used as a fast fermentation agent, quality improver, puffer, buffer, etc. in food processing, and is often used as an acidic ingredient in synthetic puffing agents such as bread and pastries.

Bread, cakes, bread and other foods are characterized by spongy porous tissue to create a soft taste. In order to achieve this, a sufficient amount of gas must be kept in the dough. The water vapor produced by the heating of the air and moisture in the material mixture during baking can cause the product to produce some spongy tissue, but the amount of gas is far from enough. The vast majority of the gas required is provided by puffing agents. A commonly used compound puffer is a carbon dioxide gas produced by the action of sodium bicarbonate and acidic salts.

Sodium acid pyrophosphate is a widely used acidic salt, which is used in a variety of baked and fried foods.

The ROR value of sodium acid pyrophosphate is the gas production rate, which refers to sodium bicarbonate and sodium acid pyrophosphate, in the environment of wet dough, the amount of carbon dioxide actually released at 8 minutes accounts for the proportion of the total carbon dioxide volume released by the theory.

The gas production speed of compound puffer depends on the reaction speed of acid salt and sodium bicarbonate, and the acidic sodium acid pyrophosphate is fast, medium and slow according to different gas production speed. Different products require different gas production speeds of  SAPP.

The gas-producing rate of sodium acid pyrophosphate is a range value, not a fixed value, and is commonly expressed by ROR.

ROR 28 is a medium-speed fermentation agent and is usually a high-demand product. Value range 24-30, fast product ROR 40 range is 35-43, slow fermentation agent ROR 15 range is 13-17, the demand is very small.

Frozen raw dough used in biscuits and bread products uses slow acidic sodium acid pyrophosphate, which requires the release of carbon dioxide at a slower starting rate during preparation and packaging, and a large release of gas during baking. Low gas rate means that food-grade sodium acid pyrophosphate and sodium bicarbonate emit no more than 22% of the total carbon dioxide in 8 minutes.

The cake class uses medium-speed type sodium acid pyrophosphate, which produces a part of the gas in the early stage and then produces a part of the gas after heating. If the initial baking gas production is too much, the volume is rapidly puffed, at this time the cake tissue has not condensed, the finished product is prone to collapse and the organization is thicker, and the latter can not continue to puff; The fermentation used in the buns and buns, due to the relatively hard dough, needs to produce gas slightly faster, if the condensation after the production of gas too much, the finished product will appear "flowering" phenomenon.

Fast speed ROR product usually is used for fried food.


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